About us

Sky Crew brings tomorrow’s technology into today’s world, making aerial imagery and videography affordable. We use a range of multi-rotor drones to provide an affordable platform to enable you to deliver previously unachievable and costly footage to help your business.

Started in 2015 Sky Crew is quickly becoming one of the leading Okanagan operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (or drones) – we have full aerial permissions granted from Transport Canada, plus we work to our own strict flying guidelines.

As you can see from our mission, we will ensure that we work with you to create highly creative images that inspire and engage your audience; all of this completed in an extremely professional environment.

Our aerial media solutions using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drone technology offers clients a brilliant combination of stunning HD aerial filming and simply breath-taking aerial photography for a variety of exciting projects throughout the region.

Our UAV’s provide an innovative alternative to traditional expensive helicopters and cranes to provide improved quality at a fraction of the cost. Operating at high and low altitudes we can actually provide greater flexibility over these more expensive alternatives.

Need more from us? We can provide a full film creation service or just fulfill the role of a freelance aerial camera crew to accompany any production team to offer a unique service that is bespoke to your desired specification.